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The 2009 National Catholic Prayer Journey for AIDS
November 28 - December 4, 2009

The National Catholic Prayer Journey for AIDS raises awareness about the Church's compassionate response to AIDS. During this one week event, AIDS ministries throughout the United States (and beyond) hold prayer services or celebrate Masses for all persons affected by AIDS.

SECCAM invites you to join the Prayer Journey and make it your Prayer Journey, too. The 2009 National Catholic Prayer Journey for AIDS is scheduled for November 28th through December 4th. It is a great opportunity to raise awareness about:

  • the fact that AIDS remains a public health emergency in the U.S.
  • the importance of HIV testing
  • the Church's commitment to ALL impacted by the HIV disease
  • the need to support Catholics in AIDS ministry in the United States and throughout the world
  • compassion and mercy
  • stigma and discrimination
  • health disparities
  • the Christian responsibility to care for all members of the Body of Christ: When one among us is infected with HIV, we are ALL affected

During the Prayer Journey you can invite the community for a Mass or a prayer service for:

  • all the People of God living with and affected by HIV and AIDS
  • Catholic AIDS ministers and the people they serve
  • the souls of those who have died from AIDS-related complications
  • those impacted by AIDS in your community, who live in silence and fear
  • those who grieve the loss of a loved one to AIDS

You can organize an event at the diocesan or parish level; with members of your religious community or seminary, your prayer group or close friends; or with your school or college classmates.

Please consider joining us all. If you are already in Catholic AIDS Ministry, this is an event you should consider. If you already have an event, add it to the Prayer Journey. If you were in AIDS Ministry in the past, take this opportunity to renew your efforts! If you have never been involved in ministry to all affected by this scourge, but know in your heart that, as followers of Christ, we all must respond with love and compassion to all impacted by AIDS, the Prayer Journey is a wonderful way to begin.

God entrusts us to one another.

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