The Southeastern Conference of Catholic AIDS Ministers (SECCAM) emerges from a concern of AIDS ministers and lay ecclesial ministers about the root causes leading to the rise of HIV infections in the southeastern region of the United States. Inspired by Catholic social teaching, we acknowledge the God-given dignity of each human being, and advocate for just programs which allow access for all people to prevention education, early testing, healthcare treatment (including medications), spiritual accompaniment, and support for all our brothers and sisters infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

As Catholics, we believe that our faith community is well-positioned to positively respond to the crisis with its teachings, ministries and structures to promote the Catholic HIV and AIDS prevention, awareness and education message. SECCAM invites Catholic ministries, lay ecclesial ministers, parishes, schools and dioceses to establish creative collaborations for integrating the response of the Catholic Church to the HIV and AIDS crisis into their particular programs and ministries.

God entrusts us to one another.